Why should I hire Five Star Critter Care?

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At Five Star Critter Care we have the experience, knowledge and love of animals to ensure your worry free that your pet will receive the highest quality care while you are not home. Your pet will receive personalized service to meet their specific needs. In order to do this we offer a wide variety of services so please check out our Rates & Services page. When you call Five Star Critter Care you speak directly to the owner, not some automated machine or an answering service.

  What makes Five Star Critter Care different from our competitors?

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This is our full time job, we don’t just do this in our free time. We love animals and our job can be fun, but at the same time we take our work seriously and as such we take training courses to be able to continually improve the service we provide. We want to provide five star care to your pets so that you come back again and again and recommend us to all their friends and family. To learn more about what sets us apart please see the What Sets Us Apart page.

  What services does your company offer?

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Please feel free to check out our Rates & Services web pages because we offer a variety of services.

Pet Sitting
Dog Walking
Puppy Care
Senior and Special Needs Pet Care
Dog Park Outing
Adventure Hikes
Enrichment Activities
Dog Bathing
Pet Taxi
Pet Waste Removal
House Sitting

  Why do you offer so many different services?

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We offer a wide variety of services because many times pets need more than just one service. Sometimes our clients need dog walking, but then other times their dogs need periodic trips to the dog park to let off some extra energy they may have.  As a result, it makes the most sense to be a convenient one stop shop for our clients. Furthermore, we would like to create lasting relationships with our clients so we don’t just help them when they first get a puppy, we are here to assist them throughout their lives from puppies to senior pets.

  What do you do with our pet on the scheduled visits?

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We follow the instructions left by the owner with regards to getting a walk, play time and snuggle time! Pets thrive on the social interaction they have with their families which is why it is really important that when their family is away they continue to get that care necessary to keep them in good health mentally and physically.

  When will my pets be let out and how will I know you have completed the service?

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For our mid-day clients they will be let out between 11am and 2pm. Unfortunately we can not guarantee that your pet goes out at a specific time such as noon. This is because we have a number of clients pets to care for and the dog walker will create a route schedule based on minimizing mileage between stops. For our pet sitting clients we will make sure your pets go no more than 8hrs between visits (except for the middle of the night – which they will be asleep for anyways!) to make sure they are comfortable and well cared for. Once we complete our service to your home we will text your mobile device to notify you that it was completed….we try to include a picture of your happy pet too.

  I am interested in hiring you, how do we proceed?

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Great, we are glad to hear that! You can call us 720-660-3298, email us at abby@fivestarcrittercare.com or fill out the new client form that is located on the right hand side of almost every page of our website. Once you identify the service you are interested in and give us more information on the types of pets you have we can set up a Meet & Greet meeting at your home. We will email you a copy of our service contract and pet intake forms so that you can review them and fill out ahead of time.

At our Meet & Greet meeting we will provide an overview of our company and the pet sitters background so that you feel comfortable with the professional services we offer. Before we take the signed service contract we will review our services contract with you and answer any questions you have. We will go over the pet intake form for your pets so we become familiar with your pets, their needs or anything needed around your home. You will need to provide the required keys before we leave from our meeting.

Once we get back to the office we will enter your client information into our database and send you the invoice based on the dates of service and required service. Once we receive payment you will receive an automatic notification that your pets service has been scheduled and you are all set!

  What form of payment do you accept and how do we pay you?

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We have a convenient online payment option through our website to make it quick and easy for our clients to pay with credit cards. We recommend this form of payment. We accept checks and cash, but since we require payment prior to reserving your pets service we recommend to ensure your pets service gets put on the schedule to pay with a credit card since that will automatically process.

  Do you have any extra costs or fees?

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We have tried to be as transparent as possible on disclosing fees or additional costs on our Policies page. If you plan ahead and do not change your plans then there should be no additional fees. It is when you want to book last minute and/or cancel visits on short notice that additional fees will be imposed. This is because it requires pet sitters to rearrange their schedules or requires more time to handle the client’s needs. It is really important to plan ahead around the holiday to make sure you book in far enough advance that we can accommodate you. Because of the nature of the busy holiday season we charge an addition $10 per day of service on holidays.

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