Dog Sitting

Look No Further! You have found the best pet sitter around town!

When you hire Five Star Critter Care you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pets will be treated like our very own and will receive the best care in the comfort of their own home.No two pets are the same and that is why we offer customized services for each pet we care for. When you return home you will find your furry family members in good spirits and excitedly greeting you at the door.

When We Come For Visits

Morning Visit 7-9 am
Afternoon/Dinner Time Visit 3-5 pm
Evening Visit 8-9 pm

Length of Visits

Clients can choose the length of each visit, mixing and matching in order to create a customized plan that works best for their pets!

Length of Visit Price Per Visit Perfect For
30 Min $25
  • Low to moderate energy pets
  • Senior pets
  • Single pet households
45 Min $35
  • Moderate to high energy pets
  • Pets that benefit from extra exercise and/or love & attention
  • Multipet households
60 Min $42
  • High Energy pets
  • Pets that benefit from extra love and attention
  • Multipet households

*Prices Based on a 2 dog household.  Whether you have 1 or 2 dogs, the pricing is the same.  There is an extra $3 per pet charge for additional pets.

Important Info:

  • Due to our busy schedule we can not take any reservations guaranteeing to arrive at a specific time (example – We can not guarantee to be there right at noon for the mid day visit).

Do you have more than just 2 Dogs? No Problem!

Additional Dog Charges: $3 Per Dog

Other Pet Charges:

1 Cat $2 OR 2 Cats $3

Small caged animals $1-$3 (Depending on what is required)

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Complimentary Services:

  • Bring in mail & newspaper daily
  • Rotate lights and blinds within home
  • Take trash & recycling out to curb for pick up
  • Water plants
  • Administer medication to pets
  • Feed pets
  • Exercise and/or provide enrichment activities with pets
  • Clean up pet waste from backyard – assuming no waste was out there before client left


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