Senior & Special Needs Care

Some of our beloved pets need specialized care whether its due to old age, physical disability or chronic medical conditions.

The professionals at Five Star Critter Care can help you and your special needs or senior pet!

Examples of some pets that need specialized care:

  • Senior Pets
  • Diabetic Pets
  • Deaf and/or blind Pets
  • Injured Pets/ Pets that are recovering from surgery
  • Pets that suffer from allergies, hot spots, seizures etc…
  • Pets with spinal cord injuries
  • Pets requiring oral & injection medication
  • End of life care

Your pets health and welfare is our #1 priority and that is especially important for our pets who need specialized care. When you hire Five Star Critter Care you can be assured that your pet will receive the care they need by professionals. Please feel free to give us a call at 720-660-3298 to discuss your pets special needs and together we can put together an effective care plan for them.

This special needs and senior pet service is perfect for folks who can’t get away from work during the day to care for and/or check on their pet, for people who are going on vacation or people who just need help with their pet. Five Star Critter Care is there to help, don’t worry you are not alone.

We do not charge extra to administer medication, but we charge based on the amount of time it will take to see to your pets medical needs and to see to their personal wellbeing (feeding, bathroom breaks, walk etc…).


30 min visit $19
45 min visit $25
60 min visit $34

Can we help you take care of your senior dog? Please call 720-660-3298 or fill out the new client form to the right and we’ll develop a customized care plan for you. We serve Denver’s Southern Suburbs.

I am proud to offer this service in honor of my American bulldog Isis who was an extremely abused and disabled 10 yr old dog when I adopted her. I had the privileged of having her in my life for 2 years before she passed over the rainbow bridge! She loved when I hired a dog walker to come let her out mid-day. Both of Isis’s front legs were badly broken and healed that way due to the lack of care so she couldn’t walk well but she was still full of life and deserved the chance to live it!

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