Hold On Just a Minute!

We would love to help everyone, but we know we are not going to be the best fit for every client so please review the following info to make sure this will be a good fit! We would hate to waste your time by having you create a new client account if we will not be able to assist you and your pets!


  1. Your pets have never bitten, attacked, become territorial or otherwise acted in an aggressive manner.
  2. Make sure your home is located within our service area (red outlined area).   We do NOT travel outside our service area. We service Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and parts of Littleton and Centennial.
  3. Services we provide:
  4. Dog Walking – Available Monday through Friday between 10am and 3pm
  5. Cat Sitting – Available 365 days a year
  6. Small Critter Care (Guinea pigs, rabbits, fesh, birds etc..) – Available 365 days a year
  7. You can check them out here at our Dog Walking page, Cat Sitting page and Small Critter Care.
  8. WE DO NOT OFFER DOG SITTING OR DOG BOARDING SERVICES.                                                                                                                                                                         
  9. Your pets are up to date on their core vaccinations and have had a wellness exam within the last year.
  10. Your pets are comfortable with people (ie: their dog walker or cat sitter) coming into their home to care for them.
    • We work as a team and this is a part time position for my team so you may not have
      the same walker/sitter every visit.
  11. You are comfortable with using a lockbox and/or keyless entry (garage code, keybad door entrance) for your home.
    • As a policy, we do not hold onto clients keys. All keys stay at our clients home.
  12. We do not service all apartment or condo buildings due to access related issues (specifically those who use key fobs) so please email us at abby@fivestarcrittercare.com to give us more info about how we would access your building while you are gone. We can then let you know if we can care for your pets.

Dog Walking Specific

  1. Your dog walks well on leash.
    • We would never want to put our walkers or your dog in danger if they are not able to  be controlled on leash.
  2. Your dogs are well behaved (ex: do not jump excessively, listen to basic commands) and are amenable to being leashed up.
  3. You understand that your walker may not come at the same time every day and that we never guarantee a specific time for their walk.
    • Clients can select a desired visit time or time frame for their dog walk and we will complete their walk between an hour earlier to an hour later than that desired time.

Cat Sitting Specific

  1. If your cat needs medication, submit our medication inquiry form located here prior to being accepted as a new client.
  2. We have a minimum first booking cost of $150.  What this means is that if your first booking total only comes to $100, then you will be charged $150 and the additional $50 that you were charged will go as a credit on your account,  This credit must then be used sometime in the next 6 months.  No refunds are given.