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Cats are happiest at home so we come to them.
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We have an amazing team of cat sitters ready to take care of your furry family member.  Five Star Critter Care is fully insured and bonded; and our pet sitters are all background checked and are thoroughly trained so you can rest assured that your home and pets will be in good hands.   To learn more about us please check out our About Us page.

Cats are happiest at home so we travel to our clients homes to check on them in the comfort of their own home.  We provide cat sitting services in all of Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree, as well as parts of Littleton and Centennial.  Please check out our Service Area page to determine if you are located in our service area. 


Services & Pricing

*Prices based on a 3 cat max household.  Each additional cat over 3 will cost $2 per cat.


15 Minute Visit

This is our express visit option which is a good option if you have cats that are not social and will not come out.  We understand some cats don’t like strangers no matter how much time they are given to warm up!   *Additional $3 per visit for twice daily visits. 


30 Minute Visit

Our standard length visits that allow us to complete all the necessary care tasks and then be able to spend time playing and/or petting your cat(s).  *Additional $2 per visit for twice daily visits. 


45 Minute Visit

Our extended visit option allows additional time to love on your cats so if you have a very social cat then this is a great option.  We are happy to sit and pet your cat or if they love playing with a certain toy then we are happy to tire them out playing around.  *Additional $2 per visit for twice daily visits. 

How Often Do You Need Visits?

We do not offer every other day visits for cats


Daily Visit

We will stop by once a day sometime between 8am and 8pm to care for your cat.

Twice A Day Visits

We will stop by in the morning (between 7-10am) and then again in the afternoon/evening (between 4-8pm).

What’s Included in a Cat Care Visit?


Wet food?  Dry food?  Combination of Both?  No problem.

Clean Up

Pesky hairball cleanup is no problem.

Trash Service

Bring trash bin to the curb and/or bring in trash bin from the curb.

Water Replenishment

Daily fresh water is always provided.

Loving Care

Lots of loving and play time is provided.

Mail Service

We will bring in mail, newspapers, packages etc…

Litter Box Cleaning

Daily litter box cleaning is always completed.

Plant Care

Light plant, flower or herb watering can be completed.

Visit Report

At the end of every visit you will know what your cat has been up to.

Keep Up With Your Cats Daily Adventure On Our Convenient Phone App!

After every visit, clients will receive a visit report that includes:

  • Arrival time and departure time
  • Written summary of what happened during the visit
  • Checklist of what was completed
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Other Features Clients Enjoy Within The App:

  • Request services in just a few click
  • View and pay invoices
  • View calendar of scheduled visits
  • Send messages to their sitter and/or office staff
  • Easily update care instructions for each cat

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Report After Every Visit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

My cat needs medication administered daily, can you do that?

We accept cats who need medication on a case by case situation so please complete our Cat Medication Inquiry Form so that we can determine if we can meet your needs.

We are currently NOT accepting cats who need insulin shots.

We can never guarantee that your cat will get their medication because if they are NOT cooperative then we will not put ourselves in a position to get bitten or spend endless amounts of time trying to get your cat out of their hiding spot in order to administer it.  We also won’t put your cat in a position where we really stress them out trying to administer medication.

Prior to taking on a cat who needs medication, we always do a trial visit to make sure we can give them their medication without an issue.  Usually we just schedule your meet and greet at the normal time you give them their medication so we can kill two birds with one stone.


How do we become a client?

Easy!  All you have to do is click on this link and it will take you to where you can quickly sign up to become a client.  You can complete your client profile so we have all the information we need to provide care for your cats and then you can request a meet and greet.  We are happy to help you along the way if you have any questions but the system will already prompt you to complete the sections we need you to and then we can follow up with you as well.  

My cat is used to being fed the same time every day, can you accommodate this schedule?

We do not offer clients specific arrival times due to the fact that our sitters have multiple client visits to complete and we set up our sitters schedule based on the shortest drive time.   We do however have a place within your pet care instructions in our pet sitting software that allows you to type in your cats preferred feeding time.  If we can accommodate close to your cats preferred feeding time then we will, but we NEVER make guarantees.  In general, if your cats are receiving visits once a day then your sitter will arrive sometime between 8am and 8pm.  If your cats are receiving twice a day visits then your sitter will arrive in the morning sometime between 7am and 10am; and then they will be back for the afternoon visit sometime between 4-8pm. 

Will I have the same cat sitter for every visit?

This is a part time job for our team members so in all likelihood you may have several cat sitters.  We do try to maintain consistency with our sitters as much as possible.  The good news is that we work as a team and we utilize our pet sitting software, Time To Pet to house all the pertinent pet care info so that whichever sitter is doing the visit they have all the information necessary to provide the best care possible.   What this also means is that we have more availability to be able to say yes to caring for your cat because we have a team of cat sitters.

Do you offer every other day visits for cats?

For the safety and well being of the cats left in our care, we do NOT offer every other day visits.  We do offer shorter 15min visits which allow us the time to do a quick visit to ensure they are well.

Do you offer cat boarding?

We do not offer cat boarding in our own homes.  We only go to our clients homes and provide care in their own home.  Cats are happiest at home!

How do we book services and pay you?

Easy!  We have a very convenient mobile app that you can use.  All you have to do is submit a request for the services you want, within 48 business hours we will process your request and send you an invoice.  Once you pay your invoice, your reservation is secured and you don't have to worry about anything else but enjoying your trip!

We accept all major credit cards including Mastercard and Visa.

What is your cancellation policy?

General Cancellation Policy :

More Than 1 Week Notice : Full refund in the form of a credit on your account.

4-6 Days Prior to First Scheduled Visit: 50% refund in form of credit on your account.

Less Than 4 days Notice: 0% refund

*Refunds back to clients credit cards may be requested on an individual basis.  Any refunds that are given will be assessed at a 5.8% fee along with a 60 cent transaction fee.  This covers the cost our merchant service charges us as a business.


Holiday Cancellation Policy:

For all bookings that overlap a federal holiday (excluding Thanksgiving & Christmas/New Year – see below for Thanksgiving & Christmas/New Year), our cancellation policy is as follows:

More Than 2 Week Notice : Full refund in the form of a credit on your account.

Less Than 2 Week Notice : 0% refund in form of credit on your account.


Thanksgiving & Christmas/New Year Holidays & Associated Peak Season Time

*Thanksgiving and the Christmas/New Year season is the most in demand time of year for us!  We have holiday plans as well and therefore need clients to plan ahead for this busy time.  As a result, we have strict policies around this time of year.  We are often booked up by September/October so please plan ahead.

Thanksgiving (Any bookings that overlap between Nov 19-27th) : No refunds if cancelled after November 1st

Christmas/New Years (Any bookings that overlap between December 17th – January 9th ): No refunds if cancelled after December 1st

Do you charge extra during certain times of year?

 We charge an additional fee on certain major holidays and peak season dates.   Peak season dates are days where we have a high volume of pet sitting due to it being days adjacent to major holidays or school breaks (spring and fall break).  We charge an additional $10 per visit on holidays and then $5 per visit on peak season dates.  Please see a list below of the holidays we charge extra for and also what dates fall under peak season. 

*We do our best to keep this list up to date but these dates are subject to change from year to year so please inquire if you have any questions. 

2024 Holidays 

Easter - April 9th, Memorial Day - May 27th, Independence Day - July 4th, Labor Day - Sept 2nd, Thanksgiving - Nov 28th, Christmas Eve - Dec 24th, Christmas Day - Dec 25th, New Years Eve - Dec 31st and New Years Day - Jan 1st.

2024 Peak Season Dates

 School Spring Break - Mar 18-22nd, Memorial Day Weekend - May 25th and 26th, Independence Day Weekend July 5-7th, Labor Day Weekend Aug 31st and Sept 1st, School Fall Break - Oct 13-19th, Thanksgiving Week - Nov 23-Dec1st, Christmas / New Year Season Dec 21st - Jan 5th.

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