About Us

Hi, my name is Abby and I was born and raised in beautiful western New York. Ever since I was little I have had an enormous love of animals. Growing up our wonderful family pet was a spunky little shih tzu named Ziggy; he was pint size, but had a big attitude! We also had a menagerie of other pets including zebra finches and a lizard. I spent many summers volunteering at our local zoo caring for and feeding the myriad of animals they had there. Those days I shall always cherish because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work hands on with such unique animals. I also spent several years working at a veterinary office where I had the opportunity to learn about the medical care and special needs pets have.

Even after I graduated from college with a degree in geology and work in the oil industry, I always retained my love of animals. In recent years I have volunteered at local animal shelters (they always need dog walkers) and donated to many organizations looking to ensure the welfare of animals.  I am also the proud owner of two very loving and outgoing dogs, Gem and Kylee. My dogs bring joy to every moment of my life and I can’t imagine not having them.

After working in the corporate world for the last ten years living in Pittsburgh and then Houston, I decided to move out to wonderful Colorado and start my own company. In my career I have learned a great deal about the business world that I know will help me launch this amazing new company! I have always been a person who puts in 100% effort into any job and I am excited to finally have my own company to throw my knowledge, enthusiasm, passion and energy into.

As I embark on this new adventure in life running my own business, I look forward to creating lasting relationships with all the new clients and pets to come. Please feel free to contact us at 720-660-6298 or fill out our new client form so we can learn more about your needs and schedule a consultation.

Kylee is a sweet, calm and loving 10 year old boxer mix I adopted from a shelter I used to volunteer at a lot. She absolutely loves her squeaky toys and her favorite activities are laying outside in the grass when it is sunny and going for walks! Adopt Senior Pets!


Gem is a spunky and headstrong 6 year old mix breed that I adopted from a shelter. She has such a sad background because she grew up on the mean streets of Houston, TX.   After being picked up by animal control emaciated and very pregnant, she was very lucky to be taken in by a local rescue where she had a loving and safe foster home in which to have her puppies. Since adopting Gem she has come out of her little shell and has proven to be a little punk! Her favorite things are snuggling and pretty much anything food related! Fostering Saves Lives!

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