How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks From Your Highlands Ranch Pet Sitter

Many dogs are startled from loud noises. The lawnmower, a vacuum, and even a hair dryer can cause some dogs anxiety. With the Fourth of July just a couple of days away, many pet parents are anxious themselves about how to handle their dog when the fireworks start. Tip number one: don’t be anxious!

Keep Calm And Grill On:

The more calm you are when the fireworks start, the more likely your pet will be calm. If you are scared or annoyed with fireworks, your pet may feed off your feelings. Your body language will tell your pet how to react.

Turn On The Radio:

Turning on the radio or TV will allow your pet to hear noises that are probably familiar and comforting. Many pet owners have turned on the TV to drown out the fireworks noise and say it has helped their pet.

Distract With Treats:

Toys and treats are very comforting for fearful pets. Dogs love a Kong ™ treat as they can lick peanut butter out of a Kong ™ for a while during fireworks. Bones, rawhides, and similar treats can offer the dog a longer distraction that just a chewable treat.

Keep Your Dog In His Comfort Zone:

Don’t push your dog to be “ok” with the fireworks. This will only make the noise worse for him and at this point you might be annoyed that your dog isn’t calm. Giving your dog space and not punishing him will allow your dog to stay in his comfort zone.

Use Calming Oils Or Other Products:

Lavender is very safe for dogs and can be used on their collar to calm them during fireworks and storms. Use 2-5 drops depending on the size of the dog directly on the collar to calm him or her during the fireworks. There are also soft natural chews that can help. The Thundercoat ™ also helps and needs to be put on the dog prior to the firework show.

Keep the doors secure!

Do NOT bring your dog outside if he or she doesn’t like fireworks and has a tendency to run away when he is scared. Secure your gates and home. The Fourth of July is the NUMBER ONE day/evening that dogs run away from home.

Remember: these tips only work if they are used before fireworks start! Not all of the suggestions will work on every dog.

Please try your best NOT to pick up your dog! They will relate the fireworks to you picking them up and will expect it everytime. They need to understand that the noise is not dangerous, just loud.

Please note: many experts have said that “soothing” your dog during storms/fireworks is counter-productive. This will make your dog think there is danger, when in reality there is not.

Is your dog scared of fireworks? What do you do? Feel free to comment!

Highlands Ranch Pet Sitter Knows How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Fleas

Why Is Your Pet So Itchy?

Warmer weather=FLEAS. Fleas = itchy, scratchy dogs and cats, and some who will have a more acute reaction than others. As a pet sitter in Highlands Ranch, we know dogs especially (because they are outside more) can suffer from these pesky mites! So, what should dog and cat parents do to keep the itching at at bay.

  1. Make sure that your dogs and cats are flea-treated by a strong medication such as Frontline or Revolution.
  2. Give your pets a flea bath. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS on the bottle! Do not simply wash and rinse. Most shampoos are supposed to be left in/massaged in for at least 3 minutes.
  3. Comb your pets over a white towel and see if any black mites fall onto the towel. If so, they are probably fleas. REMEMBER: fleas JUMP! If they move, they are fleas.
  4. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. I know, it’s not a fun chore, but sucking up those little bugs and throwing them in the trash is one of the best ways to get rid of them. Make SURE you throw the trash out! Do not simply empty the vacuum in to the indoor trash and leave it. Empty it to the outside trash, or if you empty into the indoor trash, take out the whole trash bag.
  5. Spray the yard. Fleas come from the OUTSIDE, and killing them before they jump on your pet when he or she is in the yard is the best prevention.
  6. CONTINUE treatment for your pets! Do not do the above suggestions once. Vacuum every day (especially if you have carpet), and bathe/brush your pet once a week.

Fleas breed and keep breeding……they are killed easily and can cause major distress in your pets. The best way for your pets to not get fleas, is to prevent them by treating your yard, your home, and your pets on a regular basis.


How To Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week 2018

Pet Appreciation Week 2018 is June 3rd– June 10th. Pet Appreciation Week is a time to celebrate how much our pets mean to us. You can show your pet how you appreciate them, whether it’s with a special treat, their favorite toy or game, or simply by spending more time together.

Pets can decrease high blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and help people with general anxiety disorders. Since our pets do a lot more for us than provide unconditional love, here are some ways to celebrate them this year:

Pet Appreciation Week Ideas For Dog Owners

  •     Spend an extra few minutes on your daily walks
  •     Give your dog a massage to reduce his stress
  •     Visit a lure course or dog meet-up
  •     Bake his favorite treats
  •     Buy him a cool new collar or tag


Pet Appreciation Week Ideas For Cat Owners

  • Play laser beam-cats LOVE this game
  •  Buy him a cute new toy
  •  Gently brush him for a few minutes each day
  •  Plant some cat nip or cat grass for him to have a treat

Pet Appreciation Week Ideas For Rabbit Owners

  • Let him play in a cardboard boxes (without staples or tape) or paper bags can make for a fun toy
  • Plant your rabbit’s favorite herb in a pot to give him for a treat
  • Give them some extra run time in a large room (after bunny proofing)
  • Brush your rabbit for a few minutes each day
  • Bring your rabbit to the vet for their annual check up


Ideas for Any Pet

  •     Buy new treats and toys, or maybe get more of their favorites
  •     Spend extra time with them
  •     Get them a new area to explore
  •     Take them to the vet to make sure they’re on the right track to staying healthy


How are you celebrating Pet Appreciation Week? Let us know!

Highlands Ranch Pet Sitter Will Give You A Relaxing Summer Vacation

School is almost out for the Summer!

This means many people are planning and going on vacations. You want to relax this Summer on vacation, and have been planning it for months. You have everything ready for your trip, and are looking forward to spending time with your family and friends. But, there’s one thing that you haven’t planned yet: pet care!

Your hotel won’t take pets, plus you don’t want to put your dog in the airplane’s pet carrier. Your don’t want to ask your neighbor to watch your cat, and your family is going on the trip. You also really want your pup to stay at home, not at a kennel.

So, what are you going to do about your fur baby?

You want your pet to stay at home, stick to his normal routine, and you want to come home from vacation and not have to pick your dog up from the kennel. Luckily for you, there is an option that will suit your pet’s needs as well as your own!

Five Star Critter care offers pet sitting in Highlands Ranch for pet parents who work long hours or travel. We are more than happy to set you up with pet care services for the Summer!

What are the next steps to book pet sitting services?

  1. Call us at 720-660-3298 or contact us on our Contact Page. We will get back to you shortly to discuss your pet’s needs, your vacation dates, and our policies and procedures. Any questions you have about how our services work and our pricing will also be discussed.
  2. We have an online registration system for clients to create an account and schedule services. You will be able to sign into your account and book services for any vacations this Summer and beyond! We will then set up a consultation to meet you and your pets.
  3. Make sure you are booking in advance. We are busy during the Summer months because so many people are off work and school. Getting on the books as soon as possible ensures that your pet will all set.


Ready to sign up for services?

We would love to hear from you and care for your pets! If you have travel plans this Summer, you will be able to relax and enjoy your vacation worry-free knowing your pets are home and in good hands.


5 Ultimate Reasons To Hire A Professional Highlands Ranch Pet Sitter

At Five Star Critter Care, we understand that pet parents want the best care possible for their pets. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and have been caring for Highlands Ranch pets for 3 years. Pets deserve the best, and we are here to provide the best!

Why hire us? What sets us apart from the pack?

We Are Bonded And Insured

A professional pet sitting business is licensed, bonded, and insured. We have proof of these, and want clients to know we are professional. Any professional pet sitter will have these documents.

We Are Truly Committed To Your Pets’ Care

Besides being bonded and insured, Five Star Critter Care is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR in case of emergency. We are also members of Pet Sitters International and National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. Taking time to learn about pet health and behavior is also important to us! We want your pets to receive the best care and provide consultations prior to caring for your pets. They need to be comfortable with their pet sitter, so that when you are away they are happy and content.

We Are True Animal Lovers

A pet sitter obviously has a big heart for pets, and we offer a custom pet care plan for your pets’ specific needs. Each pet and/or household is different, and we make sure your pet stays on his same routine while his Mom or Dad is away from home. Five Star Critter caregivers are detailed in following directions and providing updates to our clients. All of our staff have pets of their own, who they consider family!

We Have 5 Star Testimonials

You may have found us through a Google or online search. We have 5 star reviews online and client testimonials on our site. You can read some of our testimonials here:

5 Star Testimonials

We pride ourselves in our professionalism, and our online reviews and website testimonials reflect our stellar service.

We Are Full Time And Have Been In Business 3 Years

Five Star Critter Care isn’t going anywhere! We have built a thriving pet sitting business in Highlands Ranch, and are not hobby sitters. We have an excellent reputation in the community, and are happy to have served our clients for this long. Five Star Critter Care continually looks to improve the services provided.

This sounds great! How do I get started with services?

Please fill out our form on our New Client Page and we will get back to you soon!


Highlands Ranch Pet Sitter Discusses Heartworm Prevention

April Is National Heartworm Prevention Month!

Heartworm is found in pets in every state in the US. Heartworm typically effects dogs, but cats and even ferrets are not necessarily in the clear. Cats do have a natural immunity to heartworm, and for every 100 dogs infected, there are about 10 cats infected.
What exactly is heartworm and how do pets contract it?
Heartworm is a disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis, a parasite that is spread through the bite of a mosquito. The pet (dog, cat, or even ferrets can be infected) is the host, and the worms lives in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels of the animal, therefore terming the disease “heartworm”. The parasites are not contagious, and the disease is only spread through a mosquito bite.
What are the main symptoms of heartworm?
Dogs infected with heartworm have the following symptoms:
Trouble breathing
Noise in the lungs and heart
Possible death

So, how do pet parents prevent this horrible illness from happening to their pet?
Luckily, there are ways to prevent heartworm in pets.

The Best Treatment Is Prevention:
Keeping your pet up to date on heartworm prevention meds (such as Trifexis) will kill the heartworm larvae before it can grow into worms in the pet. Heartworm is more common in warmer climates where there are more mosquitoes, but has been reported in dogs and other pets in all 50 states. Here is a great comparison chart of heartworm prevention medications: Heartworm Prevention Comparison Chart

Keep Standing Water Out of Your Yard:
Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water. This could be a small pond, marshy areas in your yard, or even your dogs’ bowls if you keep some outside and don’t frequently clean or empty them. Anywhere around your home where mosquitoes can lay eggs need to be treated or removed. The more mosquitoes there are, the higher chance of heartworm spreading. This is why it’s so important to give your pet heartworm prevention treatment. Also, when traveling to areas with your dog where there a lots of mosquitoes (Florida for example), make sure your dog is up to date on heartworm/flea prevention.

Preventing Heartworm Naturally:
There are some natural ways to prevent heartworm, which include some herbal prevention. Here is a list of ingredients for Steve Marsden DVM’s natural prevention:
Peppermint is sometimes added as well
*Do not use wormwood in pets that are pregnant or have a health issue such as kidney disease.

Heartworm can be prevented and treated!
Although heartworm can be deadly, since there is prevention and treatment, your dog or other pets very unlikely to contract this disease. Keeping your pets up to date on heartworm/flea medication is key to prevention. Please consult with your vet if you see any signs of heartworm in your pets. Your vet will be able to test for heartworm and provide any necessary treatment to your pets.

Contact us today at 720-660-3298 for the 5-star treatment!

Getting To Know Me!

Hello! My name is Abby and I am the owner and operator of Five Star Critter Care. You have all met me at the Meet & Greet meeting we had when you initially hired me, but chances are that is the only time we have seen each other! My job is to be in your home caring for your pets when you are not there so I am sure it would be nice to know a little bit more about me so you feel more comfortable with me coming into your home. I can completely understand that, no one wants a stranger in their home.
I was born and raised in western, NY in a small city called Rochester. Growing up, I had a loving close knit family and of course pets! We had a Shih Tzu growing up named Ziggy and I had a little lizard named Tucker who I won at a carnival.
Even from a young age I have loved and worked with animals. I volunteered at the local zoo for several summers which provided me with fantastically unique experiences, being up close and personal to exotic animals including elephants, kangaroos, rhinos and alligators! I also, worked in a veterinary office and volunteered at local shelters over the years.
However, instead of going into an animal care career I decided to become a Geologist and for the last 10 years I worked at various oil companies which took me from Pittsburgh to Houston! Due to the downturn in the oilfield, I decided to take the opportunity to pursue my love of animals again and owning my own business has given me the opportunity to live where I want….so here I am in wonderful Colorado!
I have really enjoyed starting this business because it has allowed me to meet wonderful people like you and your pets. I enjoy walking into your home’s every day knowing that a little feisty cat is going to run up to me as if to say “where in the world have you been pet sitter lady!” or being met by an energetic pack of pups who are beyond excited for someone to give them love (and of course a yummy treat – or two!). I love being able to care for your pets and having you know without a doubt that the very best care is being given to your pets! I strive to make your pet sitting experience as stress free and as easy as possible.
I hope this gives you a little glimpse into who I am and you feel even more comfortable with me coming into your home. Please feel free to check out the About The Owner page or the What Sets Us Apart pages for further information about my business.
If you ever have any questions or concerns feel free to call me at 720-660-3298 or send me an email at