Highlands Ranch Pet Sitter Knows How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Fleas

June 20, 2018
by: admin

Why Is Your Pet So Itchy?

Warmer weather=FLEAS. Fleas = itchy, scratchy dogs and cats, and some who will have a more acute reaction than others. As a pet sitter in Highlands Ranch, we know dogs especially (because they are outside more) can suffer from these pesky mites! So, what should dog and cat parents do to keep the itching at at bay.

  1. Make sure that your dogs and cats are flea-treated by a strong medication such as Frontline or Revolution.
  2. Give your pets a flea bath. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS on the bottle! Do not simply wash and rinse. Most shampoos are supposed to be left in/massaged in for at least 3 minutes.
  3. Comb your pets over a white towel and see if any black mites fall onto the towel. If so, they are probably fleas. REMEMBER: fleas JUMP! If they move, they are fleas.
  4. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. I know, it’s not a fun chore, but sucking up those little bugs and throwing them in the trash is one of the best ways to get rid of them. Make SURE you throw the trash out! Do not simply empty the vacuum in to the indoor trash and leave it. Empty it to the outside trash, or if you empty into the indoor trash, take out the whole trash bag.
  5. Spray the yard. Fleas come from the OUTSIDE, and killing them before they jump on your pet when he or she is in the yard is the best prevention.
  6. CONTINUE treatment for your pets! Do not do the above suggestions once. Vacuum every day (especially if you have carpet), and bathe/brush your pet once a week.

Fleas breed and keep breeding……they are killed easily and can cause major distress in your pets. The best way for your pets to not get fleas, is to prevent them by treating your yard, your home, and your pets on a regular basis.